As part of the work being done by Bristol 2015 Ltd and Cities of Service, Head of Volunteering Emma Thompson, embarked on a study of Green Organisations that worked with Volunteers in Bristol.


This study, which took place from November 2015-February 2016, consisted of surveys and interviews with people who worked with volunteers in the city.

The list of 113 Green organisations invited to take part in the survey was compiled from Green Capital Partnership Members, Earth Champion Winners and Green Capital grant holders. 62 organisations in Bristol contributed to the survey and 14 were interviewed. 

Those chosen for interview were thought to hold some insight which might be beneficial to the sector at large. For example Avon Wildlife Trust has experience of working successfully with corporate business.

At the bottom of the page you can find PDF files of each of the articles related to business, there are other community-related articles in the Organisations menu. Feel free to share these files. 

There were several business related elements we focused on: 

  • How to improve the working relationships between business and charities, especially relating to volunteering days.
  • Discovering how Bristol 2015 sponsors have created their own volunteering programmes.
  • We asked survey contributors to tell us about their experiences with Pro Bono volunteers. 

We invite discussion and conversation around the topics mentioned and hope that this content helps you achieve more through your volunteer programmes.

This study was a joint project with Bristol 2015 Ltd, Cities of Service, Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Bristol City Council. 


Corporate Volunteer Programmes

We interviewed Skanska, Burges Salmon and Bristol Water to find out how they promote and support volunteering within their business. 

Corporate Volunteering Case Study

From our initial survey results we found that many community organisations struggled to have positive experiences with corporate business. Consiquently we interviewed three Bristol 2015 Ltd sponsors in an effort to better understand the relationship from both sides. 

This article outlines six challenges with current systems and six ways to prepare for a successful project. One of 2015's  most successful corporate volunteering projects has become our case study, enabling you to see how the strategies above have real-world implications. 

Who Took Part

14 organisations were interviewed as part of our study of green organisations working with volunteers in Bristol. This article provides information about each of the organisations and the interviewees who took part. This article is clickable.

Strategic Review and Recommendations

Written by Bristol Cities of Service Chief of Service Dominic Murphy and Head of Volunteering Emma Thompson, this document considers the implications of the findings from a strategic perspective and sets out some recommendations for the future. 

Survey Highlights

This clickable document, written by Bristol Cities of Service Head of Volunteering, Emma Thompson, is a summary of some focus areas and key findings of the study. 

You will find findings from our study about Pro Bono volunteering in this document as part of the Corporate Volunteering section. 

Examples of Volunteer Roles in Bristol

As part of our study of green organisations working with volunteers in Bristol we found a wide variety of skilled roles being used across the city. We also found that many organisations weren't sure what they could ask their volunteers to do, in terms of skilled volunteering. Hopefully this resource will give some ideas.

Survey Report

62 organisations contributed to our survey, this report outlines the findings of those surveys. It covers statistics about contributors and statistics about demographics, recruitment methods, retention, appreciation methods, volunteer hours and budgets across the city.

Taking Care of Our Volunteers - Presentation

On the 29th of March we held an event at the Unitarian Chapel in Bristol to celebrate and share findings from our study. This is the Powerpoint presentation from that event. 

It contains suggestions and tips determined from the completion of the study that would be valuable to both business and community sector organisations hoping to improve their work with volunteers. 

Blog Feed

November 15, 2016
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July 19, 2016
Local charity wins top national award for the second time
Local charity WE Care & Repair has been named national Home Improvement Agency (HIA) Service of the Year 2016 at the national Home Improvement Agency and Handyperson Service Awards held at the House of Lords.