Check out the video to find out why some of the people volunteering in Bristol do what they do.

Thanks so much to Adam Ashford for creating this video and to our volunteers for contributing.

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Read on for Bristol volunteer Thanh Lanh's reasons for getting involved.

1. Why did you start volunteering?

'I have always enjoyed participating in social activities, including volunteering. It gives me the opportunities to help other people and promote good causes. I have volunteered for various organisations, the last of which was the Growing Support. I decided to join the Growing Support since their activities comprise of gardening and working with dementia patients. While the former is my hobby, the latter links to my personal reason - my grandfather is also suffering from a form of dementia. Working with the patients is similar to spending time with my grandfather and I hope that I can make them smile.'

2. What keeps you interested in volunteering?

'As mentioned above, I believe that it is something that I enjoy doing. I believe that volunteering helps to promote sharing and understanding in the society.'

3. Are there any challenges as part of your volunteering experience?

'It depends on the substance and nature of the volunteering. When I organised volunteering activities, I encountered difficulties in ensuring the commitment of volunteers, clearing bureaucracy procedures when working with the local authorities and making sure that the 'good cause' will not be abused to become individual gains (although this may be beyond my control). During my volunteering period with the Growing Support, the challenge was to communicate effectively with the patients and understand their unique conditions. When I work full-time, the challenge is to arrange time to participate in volunteering.'

4. Please tell us your best volunteer experience.

'It is hard to pick up one as the best, because each moment leaves its own mark in my heart. It could be the time that I tried to work with one dementia patient in a sanding session. He cannot speak or move, except for his left arm. It took awhile until he finally got involved by rubbing the sanding paper against the piece of wood that I was holding. He was so happy with his final product that he kept it after our session had finished. I was happy too because he appeared to enjoy what we did. Other times, just the smile on the care house residents' face when we worked in the garden could make the session my most favourite session.

Thank you very much for giving me the chance to share my stories. '

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Thanks so much to Adam Ashford for creating this video.

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